Adopting a set of though extremely high cost but not premium chillers, be it air-cooled, water-cooled or even hybrid, without optimizing the overall system integrated performance is a big waste of opportunity costs! Idea such as putting a set of chillers which are ONLY super efficient at full load but exhibiting all the way upwards kW/rt part load curve in a building of highly fluctuating loads is a sad example of poor decision.

And also, matching a single stage centrifugal chiller with ice storage tanks, supplying standard chilled water temperatures to AHU/FCU in Ice TES, using HEX to elevate supply chilled water temperature to suit slab cooling... are all going against optimization and untoward wastage of resources! Therefore, tagging along with the trend of green buildings has motivated wise designers to apply frequency inverter on electric motor-driven machines including chillers, pumps, cooling towers, AHU and of cause not forgetting the increasingly popular VRF system.

Frequency inverter technology play great roles in overcoming a very common weakness of most electric driven machines, that is running at greatly penalized part load efficiencies during low load operation which is very common to most of the buildings. As such it is understandable why most green building certifications nowadays adopt integrated approach to derive truthful and realistic overall system efficiency for ultimate ratings. Because of that, optimization is naturally and surely getting increasingly awareness and it deserving role more widely recognized.

Emerging inverter driven compressors which run so beautifully over the entire load varying spectrum, variable primary chilled water flow, optimum high water delta T and complementary DX VRF technology are certainly become desirable approaches towards ultimate objective of optimized integration!

Although a lot of owners and engineers might have unconsciously neglected due to lack of awareness on the ready supply of natural gas, integrating source-based energy such as natural gas to drive the operation of an air conditioning system may offer a good alternative way of optimization because it help greatly to avoid substantial energy penalizing transmission loss. Gas Absorption Chillers may potentially swiftly pick up the market trend when Green Building criteria is getting more pressing on the owners to achieve very stringent Building Energy Index (BEI). Gas driven chillers may help the building owners greatly not only in achieving very highly graded Green Building but also cutting down the long term operational costs! Another optimized economic balance...

KENWISE, whom always stay along integrity line, will naturally make use of its intrinsic capabilities in system optimization to provide practical solutions and truly premium products (chillers) of realistic integrated efficiency to meet various needs and expected performance... towards greener tomorrow!

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Smardt Centrifugal impeller

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Multi V S System

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