SMARDT Oil-free Magnetic Bearings Inverter Centrifugal Chillers

  • Strong green building certification contribution (LEED, NABERS, Greenstar, Greenmark & GBI)
  • Oil free centrifugal design
  • Proprietary magnetic bearing and variable-speed drives technology
  • Optimized the energy efficiency potential of the Danfoss Turbocor compressor technology
  • Original Manufacturing & Engineering in North America and Australia
  • The highest efficiencies with outstanding part-load efficiencies all the way downwards kW/rt part load curve (AHRI 550/590-98)
  • Lowest sound levels, extremely quiet
  • Lowest cost of maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Smallest footprints
  • Lowest lifetime operating cost
  • Redundancy with multiple compressors design

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Danfoss Trubocor Compressor 


  • Range from 6.6 RT to 3,307 RT
  • Energy sources i.e natural gas, town gas, biogas, diesel, recycle oil, gas/oil dual fuel, waste heat hybrid (multiple energy), waste heat from power generation industrial waste steams (steam, hot water, exhaust, etc)
  • Efficiency is 2 times higher than conventional electric chiller, while CO2 emissions are 4 times lower
  • Reduce rated power demand by 40-60%
  • Operating electricity consumption by 60-75%
  • Life design minimum 25 years
  • Standard unit come with VSD pumps design
  • Internet monitoring (Real time monitoring)


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LG DC Inverter Variable Frequency Inverter (R410A)

- World class COP > 4.0
- Fast cooling
- Auto dust removal
- Outdoor unit ESP control
- Improved installation by eliminating of common pipe between outdoor units
- Compact footprint area
- Light weight
- Smart load control
- Auto-reactive operation (energy saving 32%)
- Advance computer selection
- Variable heat exchanger circuit
- Smart oil return
- Condenser fan (Cannon Fan) with lexx noise and higher air volume
- Upgraded fault detection & diagnosis
- Auto refrigerant collection
- Smartphone monitoring & control
- Auto compressor oil management
Piping Limitation
Multi V S System
Auto Dust Removal