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KENWISE is highly specialized in customizing the optimum design & selection and competitively quoting of AHU/FCU to suit very diverse types of air conditioning and industrial cooling applications like hospitals, shopping malls, data centres, semiconductor factories, hotels, retails, schools & universities, laboratories and etc. Please send us your complete technical data and requirements like Grand Total Heat (GTH), Total Sensible Heat (TSH), Supply Air Flow (cfm), ON COIL Temperatures (DB/WB), OFF COIL Temperatures (DB/WB), Chilled Water In/Out Temperatures, Max Water Pressure Drop (ft), Air FAN Total Static Pressures. Optional accessories shall be specified if needed like Double-skinned 50/60mm, mixing box, secondary air filters/sections, HEPA filters/sections, UV lights, stainless steel inner casing and drain pan etc. You are always welcome to our 5S to discuss further if necessary.